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Product Type:HP Battery Chargers
Price:EXW Taiwan Unit Price
High Power 24V 2A Lead-Acid/Li-Ion Battery Charger
      Product Specification

►Model: HP0060WB (Switching mode)

►Charge 24V Lead-Acid/ Li-Ion Type Rechargeable batteries

►Output Current: 2A dc ± 0.2A

►Output Voltage: 24V ± 2%

►No-load: 29.4V± 0.2V

►Input Voltage: 100-240Vac/ 50-60Hz

►LED Indications: 

  • Power On:Red      • Charging: Orange       • Full Charged: Green

►Charging Method: Constant current, constant voltage

►Output Detection: short circuit detection, reverse power protected, output voltage / current limit

►Operating Temperature: 0~40℃

►Operating Humidity: 20%~85%RH

►Dimensions: L128XW67XH43(mm)

►Weight: (approx.) 365g

►Case material: Polycarbonate

►Our standard pack is without a power cord.

   Please confirm the power cord with us.

►Confirm what you need, the HP0060WB( with 2-pin) or HP1202B( with XLR3 connector) 



►Singapore Standard Power Cord for HP0060WB

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