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Batteries & Chargers for Shoprider Mobility Scooters
      Product Specification

►The below batteries & battery chargers can be used for your Shoprider mobility scooters: (click the below product code for its specification)

GS-12V36A: GS 12V 36Ah Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery (TEV12360)

GS-12V50A: GS 12V 50Ah Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery (TEV12500)


CTE-5A: CTE 24V 5A Lead-Acid Battery Charger (Model:4F24050)

CTE-8A: CTE 24V 8A Lead-Acid Battery Charger (Model: 4C24080A)

CTE 8A chargers are for Shoprider mobility scooters: 6Runner 14 (888WNLLHD), Flagship, GolfRider, HD, Sprinter Jumbo, Sprinter XL3 Deluxe, and Sprinter XL4 Deluxe

HP-2A: High Power 24V 2A Lead-Acid Battery Charger (HP1202B)

For Shoprider mobility scooters: Cooper, Dasher, Echo, EZ Chopper, Hero, Jiffy, Jimmy, Scootie Jr., Start, XtraLite 3 and XtraLite 4 

HP-5A: High Power 24V 5A Lead-Acid Battery Charger (HP8204B)

For Shoprider mobility scooters: F6Runner 10, 6Runner 10 Deluxe, FPC (Folding Power Chair), and Trooper

MB-3A: Ma Lien 24V 3A Lead-Acid Battery Charger (MB24V3A)



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