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Product Category:Controllers
Product Type:Programming Tools
Price:EXW Taiwan Unit Price
PG PC Programmer Software - Mobility
      Product Specification

►PG Mobility PC Programmer (For : VSI, VR2, Pilot+, S-Drive and Egis)

Software is available which allows programming of the control system from a PC.

►PCPb - OEM Version (Wheelchair and Scooter)

►Package includes:

* Installation & Operation Manual X 1

* PC Programmer Software (OEM version) X 1: For Microsoft Windows

* USB2.0 to RS232 Driver and User’s Guide X 1

* USB to RS232 Connector X 1

* USB to USB Connector X 1

* Neutirk Cable X 1 (PC RS232 connector – XLR3 connector)

* Molex Cable X 1 (PC RS232 connector – Jnr 4-way connector)

> Wheelchair cable with Neutirk plug

> Scooter cable with Molex mini fit Jnr 4-way connector


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