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PG-S45 / PG-S70
Product Category:Controllers
Product Type:PG Controllers
Price:EXW Taiwan Unit Price
PG S-Drive 45A / 70A Mobility Scooter Controller
      Product Specification

Code: PG-S45 (PG S-Drive 45A Mobility Scooter Controller)

Code: PG-S70 (PG S-Drive 70A Mobility Scooter Controller)

►Water resistant sealing system

►Dimensions: L130 X W72 X H40 (mm)

►Weight: 400g

►The S-Drive 45A /70A controller terminal cover case is optional but can be included if required.

►Supply Voltage: 24Vdc

►Operating Voltage: 16Vdc to 28Vdc

►Peak Voltage: 35Vdc

►Reverse Battery Voltage: 40Vdc

►Output Current: 45A / 70A

►PWM Frequency: 20kHz ± 1%

►Brake Voltage: 24Vdc

►Brake Current: 1.25A max. continuous

►Battery Charging Current: 9 Arms max.

►Moisture Resistance: Electronics to IPX5, connections to IPX4 with terminal cover fitted

►Operating Temperature: -25°C to +50°C

►Storage Temperature: -40°C to +65°C

►Safety: Multiple hardware & software strategy

►Designed to ISO7176/14

 (Optional) Controller Terminal Cover Case

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