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Product Type:Throttle Potentiometers
Price:EXW Taiwan Unit Price
TOCOS Throttle Potentiometer 5KVR
      Product Specification

►Part no: RVQ28YS 25F

►Nominal total resistance: 5K Ohm (5000Ω)

►TOCOS throttle potentiometers are fit for most mobility scooters, 3 versions available:

▼RVQ28YS 25F : 25mm in shaft length

RVQ28YS 30F : 30mm in shaft length

RVQ28YS 50F : 50mm in shaft length

Resistance tolerance: ±10%

●Rotational life: 2,000,000 ±200 cycles

Shift Diameter : 6.35mm

Rotational torque : More than 200mN.m (2.04kgf) Both ends 0°  and 60° position  

  Rotation is possible at -10°C

Electrical rotational angle : 45±5 There is dead-band at 50% position of effective electrical angle

 (Range of 26° to 34°) 

Stainless shaft, metal bushing

Sealability : Degree of protection : IP64(Shaft seal ing, cover by enclosures. seal ing)  

 JIS G 0920 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures

Operating Temp. Range from -10℃ to 85℃

Potential applications: electric wheelchair, manual controls (throttle, joystick), electric vehicles,

  personal mobility, off-road vehicles, golf cart, all terrain vehicles

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